Ginja - Portugese Kersenlikeur Vila Das Rainhas 0.2L (€16) or 0.7L (€25)

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Ginja - Portugese Kersenlikeur Vila Das Rainhas 0.2L (€16) or 0.7L (€25)

VILA DAS RAINHAS is the brand of the most traditional Ginja d’Óbidos Liqueur, in honour of all the queens who have passed through Óbidos and also in honour of the land where this liqueur is produced and which is appreciated by men and women worldwide.

The sour cherry Prunus Cerasus is a bittersweet fruit indigenous to Asia Minor but which quickly spread throughout Europe and in Portugal it found a particularly conductive soil and climate for growth. The Ginja d’ Óbidos Liqueur was created by Benedictine monks and its recipe was a well-kept secret until, in the 20th century, the company Abadia de Alcobaca that produced this conventual liqueur disappeared and the “secret” was revealed.

The first to produce this source cherry liqueur, Frutóbidos takes to a higher level the traditional and conventual method of making Ginja d’Óbidos Liqueur, thanks to a careful selection of the best fruit, a long infusion period and the absence of colourings or flavourings, in a careful process defined by its high security standards, all of which makes the experience of savouring this liqueur a moment worthy of royalty.

DESCRIPTION - Vila das Rainhas Sour Cherry Liqueur from Óbidos 70 cl

INGREDIENTS - Sour cherry, sugar, water and alcohol of agricultural origin (fermentation of agricultural origin – food quality)



Volume 0.2L or 0.7L

Alcohol content 20 % vol

Brix concentration - 38<ºB<42

As a natural fruit it may create deposit.

It contains sour cherries with pits (only the bottles which contain fruit inside)


Intense sour cherry aroma and flavour. Ruby tone and shiny appearance. Round and velvety.


There is no expiry date. Keep in a cold and dry location, favouring air circulation and away from the light.


The Liqueur is handmade following the convent recipe and without any colourings or flavourings. After the sour cherries have been picked, they are selected and placed in an alcoholic infusion in steel vats, where they rest for a long period of time.


Serve as an aperitif or digestive. To enjoy the full elegance of the liqueur, consume it preferably between 14ºC and 15ºC.

We recommend it to be served in chocolate cups (also available at our webshop) and cold during the warmer seasons.